SCL Festival Vienna

SCL Academy

The SCL Academy offers all performing groups the opportunity to participate in unique workshops held in Vienna’s University of Music. These workshops offer an inspirational occasion where individual groups as well as combined ensembles may qualitatively enhance their musical knowledge under the tutelage of distinguished lecturers.
All participating groups will take part in two interactive workshops. For the choirs, these will be held together with other groups if possible. The workshops are conducted by members of the festival’s jury. Participants will have the chance to study new pieces and will receive musical and technical advice from the experienced teachers.

Young Podium

The workshops are designed for beginners and advanced conducting students who already have some experience in orchestra and choir performance, and are eager to improve their skills as conductors.

You can choose between an orchestra- or a choir-workshop.

Repertoire Orchestra

Performing a concerto or a symphony with orchestra is a demanding task, for both conductor and orchestra. The conductor must be tuned to the interpretative needs of the ensemble, while the ensemble is expected to be able to follow the conductor at all times. Both are required to be acquainted with the intricate, unwritten rules of ”conductor-ensemble-teamwork” interaction.

The workshop is planned for conducting students, conductors and the corresponding orchestras. They will receive intensive instruction on the art of playing as one organism, mainly focusing on the give-and-take interaction with the conductor. Conducting students and conductors participating in the workshop will receive training in the art of "leading by being", covering a range of topics, including preparation of concerto scores, baton technique, personal interaction with the ensemble, the soloist, etc.

Furthermore participants will also have the chance to work on orchestral and choral repertoire with Maestro Saul Zaks, Artistic Director & Conductor of the Summa Cum Laude Youth Music Festival in Vienna, and Conductor and Lecturer at the University of Aarhus, Denmark.

Number of participants accepted: 4-6 conducting students.

Duration per student 45 min/each. The lessons will be accompanied by the orchestra at all times. A lesson in conducting technic, analysis of the score and style will be arranged before the meeting with the orchestra.

Practice with orchestra: each participant will get the chance to conduct one movement during a rehearsal and in an evening concert. Duration of rehearsal would be 15-20 min depending on the length of the movement.

The repertoire to be worked on will be related to the repertoire of the ensemble, as for example:

W.A. Mozart - Symphony No.40 in G minor, 1st. movement.

E. Grieg - Peer Gynt Suite No.1.

J. Brahms - Hungarian Dance No.5.

J. Suk - Serenade for Strings in E flat-major Op 6, 1. Andante con moto.

Other (own proposals).

Repertoire Choir

The workshop is planned for both conducting students and their choirs.

The repertoire will be confirmed according to the type of choir who will participate.


Orchestra and band workshops

All orchestras and bands are required to prepare music pieces which will be praticed during the workshops. All participants must therefore bring their own instruments. The workshops are held by members of the festival’s orchestra and band juries.


Choir workshops

The pieces that will be studied during the workshops need not be prepared by the choirs beforehand. The workshops are held by members of the choir jury.
The workshops will have a length of approximately 45 minutes each. All participants will receive a diploma for the classes they have attended.